10 Ideas for cooking this Christmas, with Spanish taste. Part 2.

By Chef H. Delgado

December 20, 2020

Both on Instagram and Facebook every week, I post photos of new recipes, trips and some of the most surprising Spanish products.  Chanterelles soup, Mushrooms croquettes and crispy Sweet Potato, was the most liked photo this year. So I decided to start this second part with this delicious soup.

6.Chanterelles soup, Mushrooms croquettes and crispy Sweet Potato.

7. Duck Magret, Orange sauce and my version of "Patatas Panaderas".

8.Hake, Red shrimp and Mashed Potatoes.

9.Red wine Poached Pears.

10. Churros with Chocolate.

Well, in this sweet way we say goodbye to the year. I hope I have helped with these ideas, and above all, I hope you have enjoyed cooking for your loved ones, and sharing a table with your family and friends. I also hope that the year 2021 comes loaded with good things for everyone and that all your wishes come true.

Happy Holidays !!

I'm Chef H. Delgado

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It is a pleasure for me to invite you to discover the best dishes and ingredients of Spanish cuisine.

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