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The Breakfast on Andalucía's Day

Hello everyone!

This week on the occasion of the "Día de Andalucía", I want to bring you something very typical and traditional of the Andalusian people.
This beautiful region in the south of Spain has many beautiful products, both land and sea. They stand out among them; the world-famous Jerez Wine, its variety of fishing, the liquid gold olive oil, "Jamón Ibérico" and its Bread of Antequera.

Breakfast on Andalucia's Day

But before telling you more about this traditional breakfast, I would like to tell you about Andalucia's Day.

Andalucía's Day

The 28th of February, every year, many towns hang the white and green flag on their balconies, and festive events are organized in the main squares. Typical folkloric acts occur, such as dances for Sevillanas, flamenco, or other regional manifestations. Also, on this day, you can taste typical products of each area as it is prevalent for gastronomic tastings to publicize their native products.


Why is Andalucía's Day?

Once the dictator Francisco Franco passed away and in the middle of the political transition and the decentralization of the State, various demonstrations had already taken place in the provincial capitals, where around a million and a half Andalusians took to the streets to demand autonomy. After that, the foundations of that self-management began to be laid, which resulted in first writing. The historic Antequera Pact, "El Pacto de Antequera", was signed in the plenary hall of the City Council the 4th of Dicembre 1978.

Antequera alcazaba

Antequera Alcazaba

Referendum Day

After the foundations of Andalusian autonomy were laid in Antequera, finally, on February 28, 1980, the ballots went out to the citizens and with them the power to decide. It was not an easy process because the Central Government prohibited any type of propaganda in the national media in favor of the "yes" but in the end , autonomy was won by a majority.
From then, work began on the first Statute of Andalusian Autonomy that would see the light of day in 1981. This document regulates the various institutions in charge of government and administration within the Community. In 2006 a new Andalusian Statute of Autonomy was approved and is currently in place.

The Flag

Andalucia's flag

If you travel to Andalucia, you will see how in many corners there are displays of affection and monuments that recall the father of the Andalusian homeland, Blas Infante. This man from Malaga has been the greatest ideologist of Andalucia. He is the creator of both the flag, the shield and the anthem of Andalucia.

Toast Bread "Mollete de Antequera" with Olive Oil.

Every February 28, the children eat bread with oil and sugar for breakfast in schools while Andalusia's history is explained to them. I think it is a different way to keep the traditions and history of the Andalusian people alive.

Mollete de Antequera

Without a doubt, the most remarkable tradition for me is the breakfast of bread and olive oil. When I was a child, in one of my first summers on the Costa del Sol, there was one thing that stuck in my memory. It was the typical Andalusian breakfast with the crispy toast of bread and the amazing taste and color of the olive oil.

Mollete de Antequera

"Mollete de Antequera"

Mollete de Antequera

And on top of everything if you put some tomato puree and "Jamón ibérico" is a very healthy and energetic way to begin your day.

Tosta con jamon

I hope you will try this breakfast if you have the opportunity. Believe me, nothing better than starting the day on a terrace under the Sun with this delicacy on your table.
Happy Andalusian Day!

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