melon con jamon

Melon Soup with Crispy Ham recipe, An easy-to-do dish for this summer

Today, I bring you a delicious and refreshing recipe perfect for hot summer days: melon soup with ham. This combination of sweet and salty flavours is a delight for the taste buds and is very easy to prepare. Additionally, this soup is an excellent option for those looking for a healthy and low-calorie alternative to hot soups.

Melon con jamon

 Considering its origin, we can locate it in Italy, where they have combined melon with ham, salami or mortadella since the 16th century. A century later, it crossed borders and came to Spain, where we adopted it as ours. In the 19th century, melon with ham was part of the parties with the personalities of the time. This became a refined dish and was praised by the best palates.

  Let's cook!

 Melon soup with crispy Iberian ham.

Ingredients (serves 4)

  1. Half Melon.("Piel de Sapo" or Santa Claus.)
  2. Mint ("Hierbabuena").
  3. Iberian Ham.("Paletilla ibérica") 4 slices.
  4. Lemon juice.
  5. Salt.
  6. White pepper. 
  7. Olive oil.

Melon con jamon


  1. With the help of a Parisienne spoon, get the melon balls and preserve them in the fridge to use later.
  1. Put the rest of the Melon in a food processor.
  2. Add salt, white pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, and 4 leaves of mint.
  3. Blend the mix and preserve it in the fridge.
  1. For the crispy Iberian ham, take the slices of ham and put them in between baking paper.
  2. Put it in a tray and get it in the oven at 130 degrees for 30 min.

jamon serrano

  1. When the crispy ham is ready, keep 2 slices for decoration.
  2. Place the 2 remaining slices in a food processor and Blitz through to obtain a fine ham powder.
  3. Pour the cold soup into a bowl or soup plate.
  4. Place the melon balls and stick them with the crispy ham.
  5. Place some leaves of mint, and finish with ham powder and a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

melon con jamon

I hope you enjoyed this recipe for melon soup with ham as much as I enjoyed preparing it. Remember that you can customize it by adding your favourite ingredients and adjusting the amount of salt and pepper you like. If you make it, don't forget to share your photos with me in the comments or on social media. See you in the following blog recipe!

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